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Why We Support Bathorium

Because they believe in using decadent, natural and indulgent essential oils, luscious vegetable butters, earth clays and mineral sea-salts to provide an all natural, deep cleaning, spa like bath experience. They cherish a way of life that worships the body which became the backbone for all of their Bathorium products today.

Their mission remains to create premium bath products that invigorate and restore ones body, mind and soul. They are a Canadian start up on a global mission to #BringBackTheBath

made only with all natural Ingredients

Spearmint Essential Oils | Eucalyptus Essential Oils | Hibiscus Flower | Mango Butter | Kaolin Clay | Lavender Essential Oils | Matcha Green Tea | Vanilla Essential Oils | Peppermint Essential Oils | Moroccan Lava Clay | Rose Essential Oils | Sea Salt | Avocado Oils | Cocoa Butter

Bathorium c•r•u•s•h bath soak

Ancient Oat Hydration

Allow the warm, soothing wrap of vanilla and lemongrass envelop you. Experience distilled pure chamomile essential oils white they illuminate the bath in a creamy floral lather. Luscious hydrating rice milks and ground organic oats feed dry skin while calendula flowers release their sweet gift.

Charcoal Garden Detox

This Bath Soak Option is all about detoxing the entire body from the outside, in. Using organic activated bamboo charcoal that pulls toxins and frees radicals from the skin while the spicy oils of basil and the calming lavender soothe the mind. Epsom salts and french sea salts relax your aching muscles, while a skin softening coconut milk envelops your entire body.

Eucalyptus Apothecary

For centuries we’ve been told that eucalyptus essential oil is used for its powerful healing properties. Bathorium have harvested the purest form of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and wintergreen essential oils to truly penetrate deep within the muscle tissue, leaving your whole body in complete euphoria. 

Northern Sage Recovery

Experience the cool, tingly feeling of fresh menthol crystal as it envelops your entire body while brightening sage, pine and coriander seed detoxify and Abyssinian Oil nourish damaged skin. Infused with British Columbia glacial clay with it’s superior high mineral content pulls toxins and leaves the skin soft and dewy.

Rosemary Citrus Emulsion

Experience the fresh tingle and tightening head to toe with organic raw pressed rosemary essential oil. Infused with beautiful notes of orange, grapefruit and ylang-ylang flow throughout the tub in a creamy cascade of coconut milk. While nourishing argan oil and mango butter provide essential vitamins  to the skin leaving your whole body rejuvenated and restored.

Sea Kelp Serenity

Experience the natural wonder of the sea! This Bathorium Bath Soak has the highest concentration of french sel de mer, dead sea mud and organic sea kelp. Sea kelp naturally calms the skin from inflammation, while the therapeutic lavender and bergamot essential oils balance and restore.

Little Charlie Bath Soak

The Little Charlie Bath Soak was created for our youngest bathers to experience a beneficial bath without the nasties. Using oat proteins and luscious coconut milk to nourish dry and inflamed skin while gently cleansing from head to toe. Specifically designed for newborns to eight years old. The best part? No need for soap when using Little Charlie – just use the bath water and washcloth!

Bathorium bath•bombs

coco creamer bath bomb

Go ahead and submerse yourself into a tub of creamy coconuty bliss with this ball of indulgence. The CocoCreamer bath bomb combines creamy coconut milk, the sweet aromas of hibiscus, organic virgin coconut oil, and lavender essential oils. That dry and flaky skin will be a distant memory, so light a stinky candle and prepare to float away.

Mama’s Perch

We all know that when it comes to mom, she deserves the best, right? Yea, we thought so. This new luxury Bathorium bath bomb will have you in the good books all year long. The fizz releases a cascade of orange, ylang ylang and rose essential oils along with hydrating cocoa butter and skin softening sea salts. Coconut milk creates a creamy frothy lather and real rose petals float subtly to the surface, truly creating an escape for mom. Experience a light fragrance of gardenia and geraniums put the mind to ease, escape to the garden of Mama’s Perch. 

Morning Sunshine

Early morning and late night? Terrible combination. This bath bomb is your new BFF that’ll help you out on ‘those days’- we have used the energizing and awakening properties of sweet orange and acidic lemon oils along with mango butters and jojoba to help jolt those senses back in action. Micro-fine sparkles gives a subtle shimmer to your skin without making a mess in your tub. Why not also – try ‘Morning, Sunshine’ before heading out for a night on the town to give you a youthful fresh glow.


Being relaxed, comfortable and happy is the way of life in beautiful Thailand. This concept is referred to as ‘Sabai’ . Bathorium have searched deep into this rich culture of people, landscape and food to bring you their newest Bomb, Sabai. Macadamia nut oil rich in vitamins, combined with avocado and coconut hydrate the outer layer while citrus notes of lemon grass and red mandarin relax the mind. Drop this fizz in and make the tub, your temple.