Eyelash Extensions FAQ’S

How Long Do They Last?

Lash extensions last up to 4-6 weeks. They fall out gradually with the cycle of your eyelash development. There are 3 stages of eyelash growth.  Stage 1 is Anagen over 30 percent of the eyelashes are actively growing. Lasts up to 7 weeks.  Stage 2 Catagen the lag phase, the growth stops and the follicle will shrink. This cycle can last close to 3 weeks. Telogen is the final phase just before the eyelashes begin to fall out. Every eyelash is in its own phase so there are many eyelashes in every phase at all times.  You are continuously growing new lashes as the old ones fall out.

Will They Damage My Own Lashes?

They do not damage the eyelash growth because they are not applied to the root of the hair. Your lashes will continue to grow. In London, Ontario we are lucky to have  fabulous lash technicians. You want to be sure you are going to someone who is very precise.  Failure to place lashes correctly can mean premature lash loss, but they will grow back. This is why your lash provider is very important. If we are not able to accommodate your schedule,  or you wish for someone closer to your area within the city, we can recommend a technician for you.

How Is It Done?

Lash Extensions are applied to each individual eyelash. You will be lying down during the entire procedure. Your real lashes and surrounding area will be cleaned, oil and make up free before starting. We request you arrive with no make up whenever possible. Your lower lashes will be protected by paper tape and if desired a collagen patch to assist you by working instantly to reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness by up to 92 per cent.

A  full set of eyelashes takes a trained eyelash technician at least two hours. A medical history is completed by you before we begin. During your procedure we make you comfortable with soft music, pillows and blankets. No worries, we are sworn to confidentiality, so your snoring will be kept to ourselves.

Do not use saunas, hot tubs or swimming pools for the first 48 hours.  Avoid getting water on them for at least 24 hours. If you need to shower, wait for at least 6 hours and face away from the shower head. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES! Dry them only by pressing softly with eyes closed.

If you’d like to maintain your full lashes you will need to get them tidied up and filled usually every 2 to 4 weeks.  We prefer you have them filled every 2 weeks  to keep them looking optimal. Plus, your appointment time will be shorter and more convenient for your schedule.

Can You Use Eyelash Enhancement Products at the Same Time?

It is safe to use lash growth serums such as Lattise at the same time that you have extensions on. We have never heard, experienced concern or seen any ramifications in doing this.  Keep in mind this is not necessary!  You will fall in love with your lashes over and over again.

What Choice of Lashes Do I Have?

The most popular are Mink and Silk.  There is also Synthetic available.  Silk & Mink  are softer, more natural, and it is said they last longer. You can also choose from several colours, crystals and even feathers.  We have to admit, the feathers look makes us think about a certain book series, with characters that live in “the Capitol”.  What I do know is coloured lashes are becoming very popular. Our favourite is the Dual Tone. Just ask at your next visit and we can show you why.