Eyelash Lift & Curl

What is an Eyelash Lift you may ask?

It’s basically a perm for your eyelashes. Think of it like this, a solution is applied and changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently, hence why they “lift” and will stay lifted for months. The first thing you should do is to consult with your lash artist, who will ask you some questions about your goals and style (for example, whether or not you wear mascara everyday, like your lashes high, pointed upwards to your eyebrows or more fanned out, etc.) Based on your answers, your technician will then pick a curl size for your eye shape.

There is no preparation necessary. The only thing that is recommended, if you want a more dramatic result, try going on something like a lash serum regime. This will help naturally grow your lashes as long as possible and is a great cost-friendly option.


RefectoCil at Synergy Aesthetics & Laser Clinic

At Synergy Aesthetics & Laser Clinic we pride ourselves on our lashes. Our technicians go home happy knowing your eyes are looking their absolute best! We are able to achieve such incredible results because of the products and brands we associate with.

RefectoCil Eyelash Lift, which guarantees the perfect look without mascara or mechanical lash curlers while doing sports or at the beach! The Lash Lifting works in a worldwide record time of just around 13 minutes, with the effect lasting up to 6 weeks! Your lashes will appear much longer and fuller while they continuously get nourished. The especially developed lifting pads that are made in Germany, fit perfectly along the curvature of the lid, are available in up to 3 sizes, and can be used up to 100 times. The lashes can be coloured immediately after the lifting treatment.