Lash & Brow Tinting FAQ’s

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

  • It’s quite simple, really.. just put down the tweezers! A full blow growth cycle takes around 28 days, so you’re going to want to let your brows grow in for about 3-4 weeks before your first brow tinting appointment. 

I’ve heard a lot of good things about brow and lash tinting, but what exactly is it?

  • Lash and Brow tinting is a gentle and effective colour corrective treatment created for brows and lashes exclusively. It simply fades away over the course of a months time. It only takes between ten and fifteen minutes to apply and process, and can also help shave that much time off your morning routine. Your brows will be left looking fuller and more defined, and your lashes will be left looking longer and richer in colour from root to tip.

What colour tint do you think is right for me?

  • The colour we choose all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Our team will work together with you to determine the perfect brow or lash shade for you. Our colours range from soft blonde to a deep, rich black, so there is an option for everyone!

Is Lash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting safe?

  • Absolutely! But, like anything else you apply topically to your skin, there will always be the possibility of a reaction. SO! If you have a history of sensitivity around the eyes, a patch test is the best way to determine if you will react to the dye or not.

How long will my Lash tint or Brow Tint last?

  • We tell our clients to expect their lash tint or brow tint to last between three to five weeks. Hair colour, texture, and age can all effect the longevity of the treatment. We suggest a monthly appointment routine to keep you looking and feeling your best.