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While some consider the “gold standard” for treating any kind of Nail Fungus to be Oral Anti-fungal Medications, others may consider the alternative. At Synergy Aesthetics and Laser Clinic we offer laser treatments to help aid in the nourishment and growth of your nails.

Whether it be discolouration, flaky brittle nail beds, changes in the shape of your nails or alterations in the texture or thickness of your nails we can help. The toenails are most susceptible to infection because they are exposed to humid, dark, warm environments more frequently than fingernails. This is considered the ideal environment for fungal growth.

Left untreated the infection could potentially last a year or more, because the new nail growth that has been treated must grow out and completely replace the affected part of the nail. We treat Onychomycosis with the Etherea-MX® LongPulse® Laser.