Preparing for your Lash & Brow Tint


✓ Get a patch test done.

Without a patch test, your technician won’t be able to move forward with the procedure. Why, you ask? Easy. Because the skin surrounding your eyes and eyebrows are extremely sensitive and may react if you’re allergic. We suggest coming in 48 hours before your appointment to conduct a consultation and small patch test to ensure not only your safety but the best results possible.

✓ Come in makeup free.

signal-2063105_640To ensure the best results we need to make sure that nothing is going to get in the way of the product being applied to your lashes/brows. This will be beneficial in the duration of your lash/brow tint. Same goes for tanning oils, facials and skin products. If you want your tint to be absorbed properly, please be sure not to go tanning the day before your appointment, that way there is no oily residue lingering in your skin.

✓ If you wear contacts,

Please be sure to bring your holder and solution because those bad boys have to come out. It’s also best to leave them out a few hours post-treatment to avoid interfering with your eyes. Because you must keep your eyes closed during this process, it’s best you bring glasses to wear out of the appointment because you’ll need to go lens-free.

✓ Know what you want.

woman-1677558_640Sounds easier said than done, especially if this is your first lash procedure.. but our expert team will use their knowledge and offer the best advice on what shape, colour and length to go for that will best suit your skin tone and hair. As accentuating your own natural beauty is our goal, be sure to listen to the advice given by our professional technicians. Darker hues can create fullness, while lighter, brighter hues can make the eyes appear somewhat-brighter.

✓ Lastly, do your research!

Sure, there are TONS of at-home tinting kits you could waste your money and time on, but when it comes to the hair and skin around your eyes, you should most definitely go to a pro. Respectfully, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are with liquid eyeliner, but tinting is a whole different ballgame.

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