Prepare For Your Eyelash Extensions

How to prepare for your Eyelash Extension Appointment

✓ Remove all your makeup before coming in for your appointment. Be sure to use an oil-free, water based makeup remover.
✓ If you wear contacts, please remove your contact lenses.
✓ Bring your favourite music on your phone or mp3 player and a pair of headphones to help relax and zone out during the appointment. 
✓ DO NOT curl your natural lashes before you come in for your appointment.
✓ Turn off your phone ringer! You will be in this appointment anywhere from 45 Minutes to 2 Hours.✓ Remind us to take your before and after photos!
✓ Lay back, relax & get EXCITED! You’re going to LOVE your new lashes!

Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions

✘ DO NOT wash your new lashes for at LEAST 2 hours after application
✘ Wash your lashes (concentrating at the roots) with a lash-safe cleanser and soft bristled brush every day.
✘ Avoid heat and steam from ovens, BBQ’s, saunas and steam rooms (or wear goggles!)
✘ DO NOT rub or pick your lashes.
✘ Avoid waterproof makeup and oil-based makeup removers.
✘ Do not face plant your pillow when you sleep.
✘ Don’t tint, perm or curl your eyelashes (even old-school eyelash curlers are a no-no!)
✘ Keep them pretty (and your natural lashes healthy) by refilling them every 2 to 4 weeks.