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Melasma (chloasma) is a hyperpigmentation of the skin that most commonly occurs during pregnancy (sometimes called a “Pregnancy Mask”).

Melasma is a common cosmetic issue among adults. It is a common pigmentation lesion of the skin and it mainly affects women with darker complexions. Typically, exposure to UV light plays a key role in the development of dark spots on the body.

Depending on the depth and darkness of the pigmented spot, our Laser Technician will either use the Acroma Laser Handle or the Dual Mode Laser Handle.

When using the Acroma Laser Handle, it is typically for those that have less pigmented areas. It is less aggressive and typically the client hardly feels the treatment being performed. When the Laser Technician uses the Dual Mode Laser Handle it typically means that the pigmented areas are going to need a bit of a more aggressive approach.

We typically recommend that clients refrain from using hydroquinone or any other topical agents that contain alpha-hydroxy acid and retinoid acid.

Melasma often doesn’t respond well to chemical peels, topical therapy with hydroquinone creams, retinoids, azelaic or kojic acids. This is due to the chemical makeup of the agent and can cause a rapid recurrence of the lesion. Hence why we treat Melasma or more commonly known as “dark spots” with the Etherea-mx Laser.

Although some clients experienced some erythema (which is a superficial reddening of the skin), or felt some transient burning (which is very light and highly tolerable), it was generally mild and most side effects subsided within 1hr to 24hrs post treatment.