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Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea is a Chronic medical condition of the skin, effecting over 3 million Canadians. Superficial blood vessels become inflamed; opening them up to the surface of the skin resulting in a flush out or rosiness look. Rosacea cannot be cured; only treated, maintained, decreasing the severity of symptoms. The causes of Rosacea are unknown, it is suspected that it may be hereditary and  effecting women more often than men.

Rosacea symptoms vary from person to person, the severity being unpredictable. The face, cheeks, nose, chin and center of the forehead are the most common areas.

At Synergy Aesthetic and Laser, our most common treatment for Rosacea is IPL (intense Pulsed Light). Clients are pleased with the rapid improvement in the redness, flushing, and “broken capillaries” or dilated vessels. Other laser treatments are also effective such as using a Nd: Yag 1064 nm laser which travels deeper into the skin and can constrict deeper dilated vessels. Our Skin Consultation will help to choose the right treatment option for you and with proper skin care that will calm, improve and protect your skin.

People usually experience rough, dry, flaky skin, skin with redness or flushed look, broken vessels, enlarged pores and bumps in effected areas.

The skin is usually sensitive and tender and may feel itchy, burning or stinging.

A red enlarged nose may occur in late and more severe stages of Rosacea, a condition known as rhinopehyma.

Sun exposure is the number one trigger for the red flushing response.

Other common triggers of Rosacea are: extreme temperature changes (hot or cold), stress, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, spicy foods, chocolate and exercise.

For any one with that conduction medical grade Sun Screen is essential.

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