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Intra-Oral “Snoring” Treatments

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There are a variety of treatments for snoring ranging from changes in your lifestyle to surgical procedures. Some individuals find great results from at-home snoring treatments, while others need the help of a medical professional. Laser treatments are being recognized as a popular solution for severe snorers. Individuals who have exhausted at-home treatments for snoring can now explore laser treatments to help.

Surgical Laser Treatment

Surgical laser snoring treatment is called LAUP or laser-assisted uvulopalatalpasty. A CO2 laser is used to remove the excess tissue from the uvula, soft palate or tonsils which will reduce the risk of the airway being blocked. A local anesthetic is used if desired, then the doctor will burn and cut tissue from the back of the mouth and throat with the CO2 laser. The healing time is typically 2 weeks after the procedure.

Nonsurgical Laser Treatment

The nonsurgical laser treatment, InLift has been popular for several years in the United States, Canada and Europe. This treatment does not involve incisions, cutting or burning unlike the surgical treatment.

It is known to have a better success rate, as well as has a faster and easier recovery time. Most individuals prefer the nonsurgical treatment option. The InLift treatment is done in office.

Using a laser, the palate’s soft tissue is heated up. This will not feel uncomfortable but it will feel warm. The soft palate and the back of the throat will be tightened and toned by the laser which causes collagen contraction.

In return, the back of the throat will be prevented from relaxing excessively and collapsing over the throat while sleeping. The soft palate will shrink which will open the airway up even more.