The enVy® Pillow

Discover the ONE pillow that Reduces Wrinkles, Aligns your Spine and Gives the BEST Sleep of your life…

‘Best in Class’ Canadian  Made Memory Foam Experience
✓ Optimal Neck and Spinal Support.
✓ Patented Wrinkle Prevention Design.
✓ Outrageously Deep Restorative Beauty Sleep.

With more than 75% of us being side sleepers, and only a few of us committed to sleeping on our backs, the enVy® pillow aids in ensuring you sleep comfortably through the night in either position while minimizing the chances of sleep wrinkles.

For back sleepers, the enVy® pillow cradles your head and gently applies a sleep inducing subtle traction on your neck…  Individuals have reported this as an amazing sensation when using the enVy pillow.

For side sleepers, the enVy® pillow tilts your head away from the pillow relieving pressure on your face, jaw and shoulder. This then allows the enVy®  pillow to be extremely effective in decreasing TMJ pain or ear pain.

THE SHAPE: Ergonomic Sloped Sides

The perfectly engineered ergonomic sloped sides of the enVy® pillow cradle your head into the centre of the pillow. When you sleep on your back, it is recommended that your ears, shoulders and hips should be aligned, relatively parallel to your mattress.

Placing a small pillow under the back of your knees is a MUST and will indeed decrease stress on your spine by supporting your lower back.  

The thickness at the Sweet Spot (the centre) is less than 3 cm (1 1/4 inches) to cradle your head.  When you turn onto your SIDE, your face will gently tilt away from the pillow. This “Off Your Face” design is ideal for TMJ sufferers, post facial treatments, face lifts, laser, IPL or just the avoidance of sleep wrinkles. AND your neck will be supported while your face is protected!

THE SUPPORT: Unique Patented “Stepping Stone Design”

Each enVy® Pillow comes equipped with a 2 neck support system, which offers  correction to our forward head leaning over our desks, phones or computers.

Most individuals love the larger neck support. However, feel free to simply spin the pillow and give both a try and you’ll soon know which one is best for you!

THE SWEET SPOT: Central Elevated Pattern

The center of the enVy® pillow or the “Sweet Spot”, improves facial circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. The raised “bumps” in the middle encourage air circulation to improve breathability and overall comfort.

The foam thickness at the centre of the enVy® pillow is less than 3 cm (1 1/4 inches) to help correct spinal alignment recommended by specialists.