Lash & Brow Tinting


Lash Tinting, What’s The Procedure?

The client will sit down, wearing a protective towel on the neck so dye doesn’t get on their clothing. The Esthetician then applies a protective cream, such as Vaseline, under the client’s eyes, which prevents the skin from getting stained. Furthermore, a thin cotton pad shaped in a curve goes on top of the cream. You will keep your eyes shut as the tint is applied to lashes with a fine brush, and is then allowed to set for at least 10 minutes.

While your eyes are shut, the Esthetician begins to remove the dye with a small cotton pad dampened with water. This will take a few minutes of gentle strokes and several pads. Once the excess dye has been removed, and you may once again open your eyes, the Esthetician cleans up the under-eye area and the lid with additional dampened pads, if there is any additional staining.

Purple Tinting
Rainbow Lash Tinting


Brow Tinting, Is The Procedure Much Different?

Eyebrow tint is a form of semi-permanent hair-dye formulated specifically for use on the eyebrows. For people who dye their hair regularly, dark or light eyebrows can be a dead giveaway. In this situation, tinting the eyebrows is an easy and effective way to make the change look more natural. The procedure is very similar to that of the Lash Tinting.

First, the Esthetician will sit you down with a protective towel on your neck so dye doesn’t get on your clothing. They will then apply a protective cream, such as Vaseline, under and around the client’s eyes, which prevents the skin from getting stained. Continuing on, the Esthetician will then comb the tint from the inside corners of the eyebrows to the out, using a disposable applicator. The tint will then need about 5-10 minutes to develop, after which it will be removed using a cotton wipe. Simple, quick, and beautiful results.

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Ombre Eyebrow Tinting


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