Body Waxing Services


We offer many different waxing services for all your personal needs. However, we do recommend that you take certain steps at home before your wax in order to prepare the area.

There is no need to shave or trim the area that you plan on getting waxed. In fact it’s more beneficial for you if you have had at least 4 weeks of regrowth, as we will trim anything that is needed as part of your treatment.

Participants should try to exfoliate and moisturize their skin in the area(s) they would like waxed a few days prior to their appointment. This will help you get the best results from your waxing treatment. If you’re not one to regularly exfoliate your skin, you’re more likely to have a buildup of dead skin cells there which traps hair underneath it.

If you’re preparing on having an intimate wax done, we suggest using a gentle exfoliator, preferably fragrance free, as well as fragrance free moisturizer.

Always be sure to shower the day of your appointment, but do not heavily apply any cream to the area that is to be waxed that day.


complete list of BODY WAXING services

All services are subject to HST

Bikini Wax$25.00
Bikini & Full Leg Wax$75.00
Bikini & Half Leg Wax$55.00
Brazilian Wax$50.00
French Bikini Wax$36.00
Brow Wax$12.00
Lip Wax$12.00
Lip & Eyebrow Wax$22.00
Lip & Chin Wax$22.00
Nose & Ear Wax$22.00
Full Arm Wax$31.00
Full Back Wax$49.00
Full Face Wax$40.00
Full Leg Wax$60.00
Half Arm Wax$23.00
Half Leg Wax$35.00
Neck To Shoulders$40.00
Under Arms$15.00